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About Semper Femina

Semper Femina, was founded in Chicago in 2017 to provide emotional support to pregnant people and their birth partners before, during and after labor. Continuity of care allows our perinatal support staff to get to know you and learn how we can create a calm, supportive environment for you as you labor. Our labor support services are only the beginning. We pride ourselves on being 'Your One Stop Postpartum Shop'. We offer a myriad of postpartum services, from our singular postpartum meal delivery and in-home personal chef services to car seat safety checks and breast/chestfeeding consults. We strive to increase comfort and reduce stress for you as you meet, and then care for your beautiful baby.

We understand how overwhelming it can be to choose a doula, which is why we offer a complimentary consult and exchange as many emails as you need in order to make a well-informed decision. Once we join your birth support team, we'll share our birth registry recommendations, top questions you should ask your provider and our trusted list of partners (from LMT's to MD's), to ensure you feel prepared, respected and yes, pampered!

The bond between parents and their children is the foundation of community. We believe that by preserving that bond, regardless of whether your family is traditional or more modern, that healing can radiate out to the community. We provide up to date, evidence-based resources on a wide range of topics, host seasonal tea parties that give you a chance to mingle with other new parents and support you every step of the way as you hone your inner voice as mommy, daddy or moddy. We pride ourselves on catering to the G.N.C. + LGBTQ communities in Chicagoland.


Meet Our Founder

Samantha Kellogg


Samantha is a maternal and child health specialist, a doula, a personal chef, a car seat safety technician, a breastfeeding counselor, a dancer, and a mother to several healing collectives. Born in Michigan, educated in England and a citizen of Chicago for the past decade, she loves nothing more than supporting human beings as they navigate pivotal life transitions. As a bereavement doula, she offers empathetic support to parents as they grieve. As a labor doula, she guides expecting parents through a series of prenatal exercises, offers in person support as they birth in awareness and helps establish baby's first feed. As a postpartum doula, she provides infant care, lends a hand with laundry, listens as you process your birth and answers all your "Is this normal?" questions. From the first trimester to the fourth, Samantha will offer custom childbirth education + birth art prompts, compassionate labor support and holistic postpartum care. She loves supporting new parents as they learn their baby's cues and practice the art of balancing infant care with self care. Sharing sleep hygiene life hacks, nutrition wisdom and nursing tips + tricks all fall within her purview. Samantha's goal is for you to unlock feelings of self-confidence as you acclimate to life with a newborn, Contrary to popular belief, just because you're joining (or re-upping to) the parenting community, it doesn't mean you have to become a card carrying member of the no-sleep club! Her motto is, "Why survive when you can thrive?"


Menu of Services

Labor Support

Our Basic Package includes two comprehensive prenatal visits, continuous active labor support, first feed guidance and one postpartum visit. Reach out for details regarding our Premium Package.

Custom Meals

Step 1: Choose from in-home personal chef services or custom meal delivery.

Step 2: Decide how  many weeks you'd like meals for.

Step 3: Co-create a custom meal plan.

Postpartum Support

Our time spent supporting you in the postpartum period can range from cleaning + engaging baby during day shifts to soothing + diapering baby to maximize your sleep during night shifts.


Client Testimonials

Labor Support

"Sam really completed our wonderful support system through the pre- and post- labor periods. She's calm, knowledgeable, and understanding, and walked us through a week-long prodromal labor, always checking in and available. I really relied on her steadiness and knowledge during those frustrating early days. I had a long labor and ended having to make medical choices while going through quite severe contractions. Sam really helped me feel that I was in control and making the right choice; she was there for my partner too, and allowed us to take the lead through the labor until we needed help. She was a huge support while I was pushing, and she took some amazing photos that we otherwise would never had gotten. Even after a complicated birth with many unexpected twists and turns, having Sam meant that I was feel empowered in my choices. I would definitely recommend choosing her to be part of your birth team!"


December 9, 2019

"We hired Sam as our doula for our first baby because we wanted someone who would make us feel supported, empowered and act as our advocate during labor and delivery. Sam was all of these things and more! She educated us during my pregnancy and answered all of my questions to help me feel prepared and confident to have a natural childbirth. I was able to approach my labor relaxed and with no fear knowing we had Sam’s guidance and support that aligned with our goals. Sam also provided amazing postpartum support and helped me keep perspective as I got to know my baby and heal. We highly recommend Sam for your pregnancy and labor journey!"


September 24th, 2019

"I loved my experience with Sam as my doula. I was referred to her at 35 weeks pregnant, and from my initial prenatal visit with her I felt instantly at ease and that I was in good hands. Sam is experienced and knowledgeable, and also extremely kind and caring. All throughout the end of my pregnancy she checked in with me, offered to go to my appointments with me, and had a lot of helpful info on how to naturally induce. As this was my second pregnancy, and I was attempting a VBAC,, I was fairly nervous going into labor. I met  Sam at the hospital and all throughout my labor she was a calming presence, and so so helpful in managing my pain levels. I need help self regulating, and Sam tuned into that and helped me as each contraction hit. Even simple things life breathing with me, tapping out a pattern on the bed to distract me when a contraction came, and applying counter pressure were some of the things that made my labor much more manageable. Though my labor did end in a c- section due to my son being in distress, I would not trade having Sam at my birth. I don't regret the decision to have a doula at all, and even in the OR she was able to be with me when my husband when to the nursery to be with our son. I was so happy and pleased with Sam as my doula and would definitely hire her again if I'm blessed with another baby."


September 9th, 2019

"It was pretty strange how 'meant to be' the situation was actually.

It turned out Sam spoke fluent Spanish which helped out a lot during the labor process. My mom is Dominican and it made her a lot more comfortable being able to speak her native tongue comfortably with someone else other than me. Sam could also communicate better to my mom what was going on while I was incapacitated. It made me feel good knowing that she was also taken care of, one of my major concerns going into my delivery. Sam was very thoughtful, she helped me advocate for myself during my delivery while also helping me not feel so scared. I didn't know what a doula was before becoming pregnant so I didn't know what their duties entailed, but I'm so glad I got one. I'm so grateful for her, even before labor she helped connect me with a pediatrician who has been huge in helping me navigate my new life and also invited me to a new mom's tea party at her home showing that she still maintains a relationship with her clients post-delivery. I will never forget the details of the day I gave birth to my first daughter because Sam helped make it so much more pleasant and comfortable. The coolest and weirdest part of it all is that my daughter was born on Sam's birthday further bonding me more to my experience with her. She will always hold a special place in my heart and anyone to end up with her as their doula is one lucky girl."


September 5th, 2019

"As soon as she arrived, Sam dimmed the lights, laid out candles, and used her essential oils to help calm Bridget who was experiencing painful contractions. It was immediately clear Sam knew what she was doing – helping Bridget with breathing techniques and positional changes to manage the contractions. This went on for several hours, and after resting with an epidural, it was time to push. Sam was at Bridget's side the entire four-and-a-half hours of pushing. Baby boy was born a healthy 6lb 4oz. Sam ordered us some food and left us to rest. Sam came to see us a few days later and kept in touch, offering help with breastfeeding and providing helpful resources.

As the primary support person, I was grateful to have someone else there to provide support and reassurance. Sam was helpful and assertive without being overbearing. She helped us communicate our birth plan to the nurses and midwives while we were in the midst of things. She was a constant throughout the experience – and her presence brought a sense of calm and strength. An added bonus was that Sam was willing to take some pictures throughout the birth – pictures we'll keep forever. If you're wondering whether to use a doula – go for it –

and use Sam if you can :)"


August 20, 2019

"I planned for a natural hypno-birth. For months, Samantha helped my husband and I model birth exercises, map birth plans, and grow into parenthood together. I ended up with a 36 hour, adrenaline-fueled hospital delivery, complete with an epidural. As a first time mom and notorious control freak, I was out of my element. Sam floated in with aromatherapy know how, essential oils, kind words. She spoke for me when I was in so much pain I could hardly whisper, saw to it that I got a cold compress to push with, kept my anxious husband company, held my legs as I pushed, and even remembered to snap a photo of our new bundle of joy! Sam is equally quick with a massage, a cool compress, words of wisdom, and a timely joke. My husband and I joke all the time about where the birth might've ended up without her, but truthfully she saved my life. This woman is a joiner of worlds, the one you want on your side as you voyage into parenthood, into the liminal space that is childbirth. When you are faced with enduring more pain than you thought possible and coming out the other side, lean on Samantha. I have never met a soul so divinely inspired."


April 11, 2019

Postpartum Support

"Sam provided doula support when my son was 4 weeks old. As a first time mom, I was overtired, overwhelmed, and struggling with helping my baby get restful sleep during the day.  Sam is patient and knowledgeable in infant care and postpartum support. She has a wonderfully calming presence and immediately comforted me. She prepared me food, and ensured I was taking care of myself so that I could take care of my son. When my son was having a particularly restless day, she soothed him, and he napped in her arms for 3 hours. Knowing that he was in good hands, I was able to relax and even catch up on some sleep myself! Sam was only with us for a short time as my husband started his parental leave, but the skills I learned from her helped me regain my confidence and continues to help me be a better mom. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to any family!"


January 14, 2020

"Cheers to postpartum support! Sam was an asset to my postpartum journey, especially to a new mom. She is always thinking one step ahead of me. When I'm breastfeeding, she will bring me water, snack, phone, etc to set me up for success. Sam is proactive in ensuring mom is being taken care of - she has made me breakfast, rock my baby to sleep while I eat/catch up on life, tummy time, go on walks with me (which can be a bit stressful the first few times to leave the house), etc. She also offers meal service (home cooked meals ready for you to heat and eat) and also made many delicious treats and eats with me in my home. I strongly recommend Sam to all new moms who want a helping hand (or a good nap)! "


November 7th, 2019

"Samantha has provided postpartum doula support watching first my toddler a few days a week and now night support for my newborn son. Samantha has a beautiful, calm, and trustworthy energy. My toddler happily did bedtime with her the first evening she met her (unprecedented!) because she instantly felt comfortable with Samantha. I always feel that Samantha respects our routine and preferences. She is proactive about asking if there are tasks outside of childcare that she can assist with such as cooking or laundry. This is super helpful to me because I often forget to ask for her help in those areas. Samantha is also an excellent communicator. She shares detailed overview of her time with my toddler and infant. Once my toddler took spill on a walk (as toddlers often do) and even though my daughter was perfectly fine, Samantha let me know that it happened. That type of transparency is very important to me, even if it’s something minor. Samantha has been so sweet and kind with our daughter, and a pleasure to work with that we were thrilled to have her look after our newborn son. She has always been affectionate and sweet to our beloved dog, which is a very big plus."


June 25 ,2019

"Samantha helped our family as a postpartum doula after the birth of our second daughter. We couldn't have been more delighted by Samantha - she was a calming and efficient presence in our home. She was intuitive about meeting my needs (water, snacks, help of all descriptions) and about meeting the needs of our children (diaper changes, cuddles, cheerful and respectful interaction). She ran errands, did laundry, changed the sheets, made food, held the baby, helped set up activities for my older daughter - in short, all the little things that keep a household running while the mama is recovering from a c-section! And what's more, Samantha made everything she touched more beautiful and pleasant: laundry folded beautifully, fruit cut beautifully, flowers arranged beautifully, baby announcements addressed in beautiful handwriting - she has a real gift for beautiful and intuitive doula-ing!"



"We were generously gifted doula services from my in laws for our second baby. Sam spent the first few months of the chaotic newborn stage helping us through the nights. It’s hard for me to let go of being a mom and letting someone else help but Sam made it a lot easier for me to make it through my days. I'm breastfeeding so she brought my son to me when he woke and was hungry and then took him back after so I could rest. In the early morning hours she would give him some of my pumped milk so I could get a good stretch of sleep. If he was fussy she would bounce, rock, soothe him. In the morning she would bring me coffee and my son. She’d straighten up and tell me how the night went. If he was up a lot and crying she’d let me know in a way that didn’t make me feel bad/guilty. We were second time parents so experienced but Sam seemed pretty knowledgeable for anyone going through this the first time. She had a warm calming demeanor that helped me feel confident leaving my newborn with her and getting the rest I need to be a good mom the rest of the time."


September 11, 2018

"Samantha was our first doula experience and it overall with very positive.  We had Samantha for 5 hours a day for about 2.5 weeks.  She was very flexible with working hours, happy to follow our lead, and was a cheerful presence when we exhausted.  Definitely helped us maintain sanity in the household as she did some light cleaning and soothed the baby which allowed my wife some sleep.  She's a good listener, very supportive and isn't pushy about her thoughts on how you should raise your child.  She also made sure my wife had someone to talk to about her emotional state.  We would be happy to hire Samantha again and would recommend her to friends and family."


January 22, 2018


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