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March 31st, 2020

InTouch with Rebirth

Julie Brannen, MA, LPC, R-DMT, GL-CMA

As we are amidst a viral pandemic of COVID-19, and in this realm of the unknown and uncertainty, we are all searching for answers.

There are many  ways to cope with this new norm as well as theories we can apply to what is happening. In this blog I will describe one esoteric way to connect and then a practical way.


Corona means Crown in Latin. The crown is the 7th chakra or energy center that represents the seventh opening to God / Source / Universe (whatever word you’d like to use for divinity). When a baby is born it is called crowning as it descends head first. We are being birthed anew. What we are seeing is the long time reigning power, the old system(s) dying. A virus is a piece of code which is capable of copying itself, such as corrupting or destroying data. The Corona Virus is potentially dismantling that which no longer serves the collective. It is a deletion of the old systems of fear, so that we can rebirth a new system.


How does this show up for me? With nearly all social cancellations and changes in work environments, it has been a big shift of my reality. As someone who has created work around people and building community, this is just simply suspended and not possible right now. I have felt the calling to go within, rest more, and truly reset.


How do I do this?


  1. I bring awareness to my body.

  2. I focus on my breath, the rise and fall rhythm of my torso, chest and belly.

  3. Whenever I notice my mind wandering to something else, I gently guide it back to the experience of my breath.


This fosters trust with my inner knowing that my body simply knows what to do and how to be. This also triggers a self-regulation process, therefore inherently calming down my nervous system. An important response during times of incredible vulnerability.


At InTouch & Motion, we provide services that address potentially problematic mental patterns with creative, integrative, and holistic ways. We do this because the ways that have been in place, just like the systems falling away right now, may not be serving us anymore.


My clinical interest and area of focus is working with folks who are ready to address patterns that no longer serve them with courage and compassion. I also work as a doula, supporting mothers and families during the first year of childbirth. I am grateful for this opportunity to go within myself (building self-awareness and reflection) during this time and also share my point of view and gifts with you, the reader. Thank you for being here.


To learn more about Julie visit our website :: https://www.intouchandmotion.com/profiles/julie-brannen/

February 6th, 2020

Semper Femina Doulas

Samantha Kellogg, Founder

Welcome to Semper Femina's blog - Semper Mater! My name  is Samantha, but you can call me Sam. I'm a daughter, sister and mother to this loving community of birth workers and postpartum angels. In the months to come, I invite you to come back to our blog for new content dedicated to simplifying and demystifying many challenges new parents face in the first year postpartum. Before I pass the blog torch to our beloved community partners, I wanted to introduce myself properly. I was born and raised in rural Michigan. As the oldest in my family and a typical bossy big sister, I was the designated neighborhood babysitter from a young age.  As a teenager my interests included competitive cheerleading, using my newly acquired High School Spanish to tutor the children of my dairy farming community's migrant worker population and watching documentaries. One that resonated with me in my Senior year may be familiar to you as well; it's called 'The Business of Being Born'. It was my introduction to the history of birth in America, and it took me over a decade before I would transmute the outrage and indignation I felt that fated day into evidence based doula support and compassionate, holistic postpartum care. After attending university in the United Kingdom, volunteering in the LGBTQ community, backpacking + collecting recipes in Latin America and trying on different careers for size (from live-in au pair and early childhood development educator to ESL instructor and Spanish healthcare interpreter) I found my calling - doula and personal postpartum chef. I founded this Collective in 2017 and have spent the past few years honing my craft and expanding our services to meet all the varied needs of our clients. Whether you're embarking upon the path of conscious conception, looking for a birth doula or checking out our postpartum services, I feel so lucky that your curious mind and loving heart led you to my cozy corner of the internet. I would love to cook for you, connect you with one of our multi-lingual, extraordinary doulas or lead a new parent group in your neck of the woods. I can be found at monica +andy in Lincoln Park every Monday at noon, facilitating M+Ama DAYS, a weekly new mommy meet up, that gives new parents and their babies (0-12mo) a chance to build  community while also feeling supported and getting feedback on  parenting related topics. When I'm not holding space for new parents, you can find me grooving to bossa nova music while cooking for my dear meal delivery clients or offering hands on support as a doula. Check out my heart-centered journey @semperfeminadoulas. Thank you for reading. Take good care of yourself and remember... You're not alone.

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